Nelson Residents Association


2014 Oral Submissions

Nelson Youth Council

Survey of 500 school students: In support of Greenmedows facilities; public space for youth art to be displayed. Maitai River improvements overdue – faecal matter around area.

Andrew Dunlop

Charges per property/waste water is $1 and you want to go up 70%. Motels don’t pay at all. Properties owned by the church don’t pay rates or charges.   Companies with multiple properties only pay one charge.

Resource consent – Everyone needs to know a consent has gone in so we can act. Only adjacent properties notified now. Needs to be more formal so information can be added by other parties.

Bronwyn Tuck – allow more wood burners. Tested area has lower emissions, so area needs to be reassessed. Log burners are the cheapest, access is crucial; installation cheaper than pellets, there are low emission log burners that need to be approved. Logs are sustainable with Nelson’s amount of trees. Pellets are more expensive to make and to transport. You still can’t control what anyone puts into the fire, so there is an inconsistency. Everyone on heat-pump can overload the system and in crisis a log burner might be the only thing working. Need to change the air shed. I would be happy to have my wood burner monitored.

Hudson Dodd/Brook Sanctuary. Derek and Dodd. Thanks for ongoing support. We’re asking for ongoing support at the same level. 65K per annum. Keep us on the books and to keep maintenance of the pedestrian bridge. Continue to look at us as an asset to community. We look forward to the eradication of pests; ongoing education and building of fence.

Q: Is the pedestrian bridge a safety concern?

A: Only good for 1 person at a time now, but there is always a temptation for school kids to double up.

Stuart walkerTrafalgar Centre - start with plans and specifications. Where did judgements come from? Peer review should go to the opposition, not friends. Plans have been on file for 40 years, on paper and disc. They were not lost or misplaced. Piles at 30 feet deep was mention many times. Where did Mr. Lavertis get his numbers? Even after going away to double check, he said the same thing. Then it was - Not the depth but the type? The plans and specs are clear.  

Rachel: give us time to ask questions. We do not target staff. We only take information from the chief executive.

Pile Corrosion. I can see where this was checked. It is in pristine condition.

Exit: I have been with fire inspector. Is there a hidden agenda? You seem to be looking for a reason to close.

Stuart: You have ignored this. His report is not assumption, it is fact. Admit publicly it was a stuff up. The citizens will understand and respect you. Start the process again. Bring in different engineers and find solution.

Absolute safety can never be guaranteed.

The building looks abandoned, mow the grass and keep it updated. There are fences lying on the ground. Look at this sign. It’s a multi purpose building, treat it with respect.

Rachel: Do you know of Mike King?

A: Only know what I read in the paper. He said it’s not that bad.

Rachel: He said it was prudent to close.

A: Yes, but needs to be revisited

Rainey: reconsider your wording. It was not a monumental stuff up, but prudent.

A: The main thrust was dept of the piles, once that was proved error it should have been reopened. Then the entrance way was a problem, needs a sit down and to be readdressed.

Rainey: you’re saying we’ve given up?

A: I see a hidden agenda.

Rachel: There is no agenda, we have the best interest; I have met Kerry, and we are addressing the issues with a view of getting it reopened.

Steve Cross – These are difficult circumstances. We don’t have any money. 80% of submitters are for pet projects that want money. Don’t spend money on the modeller’s pond, that’s an indulgence. Tourist promotion money is not easy to assess. Review your properties. Have solid parameters around spending.

Gondola is an indulgence, you are not adventure capitalists. Stay away from these ideas.

Mcgurk: How about more lighting?

A: I can did up some costs on the LED lights used in Kapiti

Fulton: LED lights on the Railway reserve?

A: It’s nicer light, and can be retrofitted.

Forest and Bird / /Brian Brasell – drains 1-2. There are funds set aside. Culverts silted up and there is less than ½ capacity. There is a risk to flooding from silt. Boulder bank drive / hwy 6. Cost about 10K and would illuminate an upgrade. Flooding effects residents upstream. Flood control would help with the restoration of the sand flat.

Davey: Is this based on a 1 in 50 year flood?

Copeland: Aren’t you a staff member of NCC?

Rachel: He wears separate hats, this is Forest & Bird.

Barker: What about flood control?

A: We need community support, not just from Forest & Bird

Robert Straight – Thank for parks and Maitai walkway. (he worked with Trevor Horne and Allen Turley in Parks & recreation). But, all the work done didn’t include the actual river. Any ponding will have minimal effect to outfall. Saltwater creek is a good place for a weir. I talked to the Residents Association and Kerry Neal about it. It would increased water below QEII bridge, a 3x increase would be a big plus. A half tide weir would keep nothing going into river and nothing out.

Andrew, Nicki and Browen Newtown – (a late submission) Wakapuaka Farm Land. The rainfall at Easter. We need more culverts. The same arguments as Forest & Bird. It’s flooding farmland. It came nearly into the church car-park.

Q Davey: how many times has it flooded?

A: Todd Valley does on a regular basis because of silted up culverts. The capacity is there, it doesn’t need another one, but it does need cleaning out regularly.

Q Copeland: Are you in total agreement with F&B?

A: The sand flats act as storage for the area because of the tide.

Q Barker: Would this effect the model airplane area?

A: Without a doubt.

Q Kate: What about flood gates?

A: There are lLiability issues with opening gates. Needs greater capacity.

Les Hollyman and Jan Gillandersthe Glen and Wakapuaka flats / Drainage of farmlands. We were affected by sewage and oxidation ponds. We have 2 hand dug drains. They transitiion into culverts. The flood in 2011 had to drain all the water through small culverts. Silt builds up. All the grass rots, silt builds up, we had to re- grass for 65k. We’re paying high rates and depend on drainage. Is the hand dug ditch a waterway? We were digging them out ourselves and they made us stop the work – we needed a resource consent. We want healthy stock and green grass.

They threatened us because we didn’t have resource consent. There is a lack of communication.

Q: What should council do?

A: You need to clean drains. Cost me quarter million of dollars and lots of stress. Also Cawthorn institute was hit, not just me.

Q Fulton: Did the storm gates not open because of lack of maintenance?

A: A log got caught.

Q Lawrey: We’re expecting more weather events. Will this be enough?

A: It should be. If you keep it up to maintenance

Q Copeland: Can you approach council when it needs to be done?

A: Yes, there is already 6k a year set aside, but they don’t spend it. They have not been there since 2007, There was a bit of work in 2008 with Nelmac, but they left and didn’t come back. Clean the drains we’ve got.

Q Aucland – can you insure against event?

A: We can insure the stock but not a flood event.

Warwick King - following on with the same. Flooding is always an issue and it’s gotten worse. We’ve approached members of staff for solutions over the years. It was only because Cawthorn was endangered that we got any action. We are only ½ m from high tide. There needs to be more pipes under Boulder Bank Drive.

Q Barker: When did the Council stop maintaining?

A: the last 3 years we haven’t seen anything. We spotted the problem and when we went to fix it they said we had to stop because we had no Resource Consent.

Q McGurk: Is there a problem with salt water infusing?

A: Only from flooding, and working on sewerage ponds blocked the drains and salt came in.

Q Davey: The 6k, can you access the fund yourself?

A: Council leaves it to us and we’ve had Nelmac do work.

Annie MarcusMaitai river.   A 3rd , independent party can monitor the forestry land. Contamination is clear from Cawthorn reports. How come it’s been allowed to continue? It was part of my family’s life. It’s not possible anymore. It’s getting denuded. Decisions have been made to help forestry and not care for the stewardship of the land. Degradation can be address. We will have more flooding. Wetlands are an asset. As guardians you need to address the problems. It doesn’t have to be council. You need an independent assessor.

Q Ward – Did you go to the workshop?

A: I went to the open meeting. I’m just making a stand for the future families.

Andrew Spittalapproval for capital works. (note: sorry I had to leave the room)

Morning Tea

Dominic AlfordTraffic around Handen St school. It needs speed humps. Boy racers, and traffic using area as shortcut. A Cul-de-sac would be the best.

Q Lawrey: What are the negative consequences to speed hump?  

A: Where they are and they might increase the noise.

Q Rachel: Would traffic lights be good?

A: Traffic is already backing up and people want to avoid Locking St with 3 humps.

Q Rainey: Are they accelerating on the way up?

A: Up and down. Maybe only exiting onto Waimea. That section of road is very short.

Peter Winfieldround-about on Suffock/Ridgeway. It is currently causing concern. It’s not normal, it’s not 90 degrees. Major area. There in increased heavy vehecles, it’s very narrow and trucks are hitting the edge of the round-about. It’s a safety issue, especially for cyclist, and there is road noise because of curving nature. Also parked vehicles are in the way. Coming out of Polstead is a problem. It’s narrow and there is vegetation on 2 corners. Needs to be more user friendly with people now going to Saxon field.

Q McGurk: Is there an increase with Ngawhatu development?

A: Yes, and there will be more with future expansion. There should be a compulstury stop on Polstead.

Q Barker: Do you know the history? The curve was to calm traffic from traffic going straight through along the ridgeway.

Pamela Seymore – Nelson Symphony orchestra – This is an application for funds. On July 3, there will a concert of composers who made contributions during the war. We’re dependent on fundraising from sponsors and community. We’re pooling money for this event.

Q Barker: What is the money for?

A: Hiring facility.

Q Rainey: Do you have an increased cost because of closure of the School of Music?

A: Indeed we are, mostly for storage of instruments. Drums are now in people’s front lounges and garages. Without a home-base we are moving around all the time and it’s unstable. Hire cost of hall is higher than school of music, but not too bad.

Arts Council Nelson/Lloyd Harwood & Ian Boswell – We currently get 45k would like to raise it to 80k. Our vision for the future, there is a wide range of expertise and we want to facilitate to the best. We’d like to correlate all arts information and updates. We have had to get funding from outside Nelson district, but thank you for your input and support. The money has been the same since 2004, inflation has increased. We already have lots of volunteers. Have ideas for growth, but need more funds to expand.

Q Barker: How much do you get from TDC?

A: $4,000.

Q Baker: How many members are from TDC?

A: Membership is half and half.

Q Rainey: would increased fund offer to you, and you could administer that fund?

A: Yes

Q Ward: What about compensation if you take on fund?

A: We need to see what council is wanting of us.

Q Rachel: Have you applied to the events fund?


Q Fulton: Do you want your increase to add 2% every year?

A: Yes

Chris Fitchett – difficult budgeting, in the last 3 years. Rain, if it’s a 1 in 100 year, but we’ve had 3 in the last 3 years.   We cannot afford to borrow every year. Our debt level is reasonable because of the library fund. We nened to budget for a true surplus. Spending on the Valodrome and predator fence are unreasonable to share in one year. An asset so a loan is OK.

Brook camp - realize it is making a loss, but by closing it you will not save money, it still incurs costs.

Pond – so not spend on this instead of a bridge in the Maitai. Pond is ridiculous

Q Reese: what’s the difference between the valodrome and gondola in making a financial return?

A: Valodrome has more use.

Q Matheson: should we do the modellers pond at a more modest cost?

A: Maybe

Q Reese: budgeting, would the LTP be a good time to do that?

A: Yes.

School of Music – Neil Deans & Frances – Thank you for earthquake strengthening funds. School can continue 85% of its activities. Hiring out was only 14% of our revenue. Other operations continue. There have also been additional costs. Closure of school would be difficult to keep key funding streams from other areas. We have 70 volunteers.

Paul Rosenthal: We have plans for the future, closure has offered us opportunities for things bigger and better. The budget is 2.14M now and 4M in 2019 plan. We would to be open in 2 winters time.  

Q Ward: can you make it happen sooner?

A: One winter would only be the first stage, so there is a connection between both buildings. We would rather have it all done at once. There are time constraints from engineers etc.

Q Fulton: can you have it done by the end of 2015?

A: Add another winter.

Q Lawrey: why isn’t there a detailed plan right now?

A: We started on stage 2 a year ago, we’ve been asking what the community wanted. The law changed and we had to reassess and close. We had been strengthened in the 70s so we thought we’d be all right. Things were happening but got caught up in the waiting process. We had to follow processes.

Q Rainey: huge challenge, 20K for winter festival and 80K for other, almost what council was funding but not going to project. Are the teachers off sight?

A: Some. Not hiring.

Q: where would funding go?  

A: It will be used directly in operational areas. We still have to pay insurance of 40k, It’s the festivals 20th year.

Belinda Crisp – Bikefest Nelson – bike festival has been rebranded. Great opportunity to showcase Nelson and opportunities. Umbrella organization for biking. Built around existing events in February. Riders stay for the weekend. Other events showcase family biking at places close to the city. It is also bike safety week. Free showers at Montgomery square. We use what’s available but with a bike edge. Nelson is becoming funky for a month, with art in shop windows to engage the wider community. Cricket is the next week. Funding to upgrade BMX track, using Trafalgar park.

Q Matheson: 450k + 2k + BMX?

A: BMX people will make their own submission. We need 3k for street closure.

Q Copeland: is there an entrance fee?

A: No it’s a community event. Will raise fund with the bike expo.

Q: Have you gone to bikewise?

A: Yes, they will help with marketing and giveaways.

Q: What’s the motivation?

A: Cycling and Nelson

Q Skinner: What about the work in the forest for the trail?

A: Should be done by festival

Q Ward: how long and what’s the number?

A: 4 years, the numbers have not grown. That’s why we’re rebranding

Q Barker: are you asking TDC?

A: Yes. Talking through “Get Moving”, not the annual plan.

Derek Knees – Returned Services Association. The next 4 years have events coming up. Nelson RSA is not a business, we pay suburban club. We only have $20 per member to run things. You gave us $2,500 and we used it for banners and Anzac. The breakfast was 4k, chairs hire $600, etc. The sound service, comes from subscriptions. But we have anniversary events coming up to commemorate with WWII. The Field of Remembrance will be personalized this year, with peoples’ names on each cross. 2015 will be really big. People want to do things, so we need to separate the celebration from commemoration. So we will need extra funding.

Q Barker: have you already booked Trafalgar Park?

A: Good. Want things for Anzac, but definitely by the “end of the war”.

Q Rainey: no figure request?

A: We’ll need 10K +15K for statue

Q Reese: we need discussion between RSA and staff because this is over 4 years. Next year is the most important.

Roger Thorn – Kahurangi Employment Trust – our community lease is up next year. We also need earthquake strengthening. Significant request, we just wanted to see what your feedback is to our submission. We have a commitment to the Arts. For the trust, our focus is the future of the Refinery, strengthen the Trust. If it were lost, 20-25 exhibitions a year featuring local artists would be lost. Also with the closure of the Suter, opportunities would be lost. Refinery has helped lots of artists to successful careers.

Q Davey: no figure?  

A: We would like to only worry about our projects and not the other.

Q: How long have you been charitable turst?

A: Since 1997

Q Copeland: where else can an exhibition go?

A: It’s a struggle to find a venue. We were fully booked but can’t promise anyone because of the seismic assessments, it’s not available yet. Approximately 539K

Q Fulton: Do you have figures?

A: You will be able to see where the short falls lie. Other parts of the trust can take care of themselves, not the Refinery. If the lease went to council, they would be responsible for strengthening.

Q Rainey: with closers of private galleries, are you getting increased requests?

A: Private galleries will continue to come and go. There is an opportunity to bed in the Refinery for the next 10 years. It would be good to have a community owned and operated arts facility to this standard. This not a private gallery, it is a public space.


Youth Nelson – Maree Shalders, Education for kids out of the main stream. We have more teachers, so we can have a one-on-one. Funding has not increased in 16 years.

(Young boy speaking) Thank you for the vans to pick me up.

Q Noonan: how many students?

A: 17 at a time and we have a waiting list.

Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce – Dot Kettle – we produce employment opportunities. Provide economic prosperity. We’re feeling optimistic. Employment confidence is up. We need the council to committed to business. Need better customer service. Top Shop recognizes good retailers. Parking availability is an issue. Time limits, reduction of cost. Destination marketing is good. There could be a reduction in rating, rating review is good. Digital competition is good, we are 2nd in Gigatown competition. A digital strategy is important. Take leadership role in business, need to be a friendly council. Especially staff who have business acumen.

Q Matheson: Did you make a submission to TDC?

A: We made a strong submission that it was critical for them to help. We need better funding for the visitors centre and marketing. We told them it was a backwards step to close the visitors centre.

Q McGurk: what else can we do?

A: Helping the Canterbury rebuild with advise and materials.

Q Barker: parking for 3 hours. Could this be done with joint ventures?

A: A parking building would ensure people can get a park and it is ample and easy.

Q Copeland: local government, is it business friendly?

A: We need someone to interface, a direct council member. An in-house developer, to help in practical ways.

Q Lawrey: Are you in favour of the Southern Link.

A: Yes. We need viable links to the airport, not volume, but reliability. Plus upgrade of Victory Sq.

Q Davey: What about carpark barriers?

A: The city needs to be mix of options. Longer stay places, they say “barriers are a barrier”, not a welcome mat.

Q Barker: factory site for building?

A: I’d have to consult

Q Skinner: What do you mean parking is not friendly?

A: Advice to me when I moved here was, pay the metre or get stung. Mood is not friendly. “Popping in” is no longer easy. You need clear messaging, and long term parking needs to be available.

Q Fulton: Like short-term 15 minutes in Queendstown?

A: Yes, there needs to be the right mix. We want to park right in front of a shop. It’s what our locals want and expect. But, parking is not one of the top 5 issue.

Q Reese: what are you seeking?

A: Top shop sponsorship – we have an award coming from the Nelson Mail. Come on board as sponsor. 2-3k. The Canterbury rebuild, help fund presence. Have a person in the Christchurch chamber office to be on hand.

Brian Say – Accessibly For All. Total mobility. Subsidizing taxi trips away from bus route. Increase use of this service. Budget needs to be increased. Population increased 5-8%. But higher increase in aged people by 30% in 2 years (in TDC it’s 39%).  Better ideas is to automate the ticket use for discount. Need to question, was the journey actually necessary, was the person legal to have booklet?

Q Davey: high end users?

A: Should be only trips to the doctor, hospital, groceries. Need to revalidate the use so it isn’t abused. Electronic ticketing might be better and more accurate.

Colin Walker - Marina Berth Holders’ Assoc – We need a hard stand, we submitted to long term plan and then postponed and now gone. Car parking needs to be addressed also. Industrial zone shouldn’t need a resource consent. There are rumours that negotiations got stuffed up with council. Visitor rates charged at 30$ a day are the most expensive in country. It should be 13$. During the cyclone season the boaties are not coming to Nelson. Companies are going out of business. Financial transparency… conspiracy theory. When Nelmac is not the cheapest bidder, way do they get the contracts. Nelmac’s profits should not go to city council. They do a reasonable job, but they are not the cheapest. Fuel berth – we should be able to buy fuel with a credit card. Security – Nelson is unique, no gates for tourists. We have only 3 live-aboards, it’s not enough, they are good because they are usually around. It’s no cost to council, they actually pay a higher levy.

Q Rainey: How many berths?

A: 130

Q Fulton: how many live-aboards?

A: 3 per jetty, could be 3 people per boat.

Q Copeland: Are we the most expensive?

A: Yes.

Allan Stewart – like making oral submissions. Council spending. Rates doubling, should try harder. Away from luxuries to sewage and water. City to the Sea walkway, we did have one, the new one will be attractive but we can’t afford it. 4.3% rate rise, revenue is down, so ratepayer is putting in more. Net Debt is 25% - huge debt with interest rates rising. Guidelines from government - Maitai River - spend money on cleaning it up. Our rate is 3x inflation.

Dean Walker – Te Tau Ihu Sustainability Forum, sustainability diverse group. Nelson 2060. A call to action, a map, but like to see greater commitment. Fostering community action. Members can act as catalysts. Need specific council staff for liaison to coordinate, and 15k a year.

Q Copland: Do you need collaboration to support 2060?

A: Funding is voluntary and a real weakness.

Q Ward: would it help to increase membership?

Richard King – I support the Residents Association people who put in submissions on Trafalgar Centre. It needs to be looked at and started from scratch. It needs a fresh look, and you have a number of years to do the work. Each pile with a load of 50 tons are tied together, it’s on solid base. You have concerns of injury, but this is overly risk adverse. Even if restored to 100% there would be risk. Start again and make use of engineers who were around when it was built.

??? Murals around the town; just needs a coat of paint on Trafalgar and Wainui Street. Only looks good when there is a poster up.

Raywyn Scott – speaking truth to power. Bring into your consideration some kindness and compassion. More depth of understanding. Transparency – Brook Camp is a very healing place. Council needs to consider people who are poor. It is a Lifestyle choice. Transport – I have to walk 15 minutes for the bus and there is only 1 per hour. Brook’s man has brother that wants the gondola.

Reese: we fully understand our responsibility.

Helen Black – census. Minimum wage is 32k, medium income 54k, total household income. 30% do not own house. 26% have only 1 person in the house. People have to prioritise their spending, they still want things. Not everyone is a passionate biker or cyclist.

Q Davey: Where do you live?

A: Up the brook, part of Brook Valley Community Group

Gaye Boomfield – toilets at Tahuna are disgusting. Always a problem with vandalism and priorities, but can be solved.

Q Fulton: what about the Buxton makeover?

A: Have to get basics right, at Tahuna there is no soap, no hot water, no way to dry your hands.

Q Lawrey: 3 grotty loos?

A: It’s not the supply of loos. Beach café should be done first, there are actually 5.

Graeham Thomas – Marsden Park. Resource management consultant. Development up Marsden valley. Requesting deferment of payments. Road upgrading. Rates and levies. Dangerous intersection on the Ridgeway. Been on project for many years. Limit sections that can be developed. Another 600 could be developed, upgrade of road and the intersection is important.   I’m only one of several developers. Marsden Park should bear cost of all upgrades and road widening. Defer levies & expenses to developer until council actually makes developments.

Q Copeland: how do other cities do?

Q Ward: some services must be in?

A: The upgrading is developer, but there is no demand until someone starts building and moves in.

Afternoon tea

Brian Nathan – Nelson Sea Sports Alliance (NSSA). From Watersports Review by Sport Tasman. The Alliance is a Consolidation of 2,000 people. Shared concerns, safety, lack of facility for storage, changing and socializing. Groups are storing skiffs outside, and no room to buy and store new stuff. Even wakas, canoes and kayaks are outside. Growth of members but they have had no place of their own since 1988 and members have doubled. Use of ramp has grown. There is conflict between motorized and non-motorized craft. Sea sports needs a modern facility and hub for club members in the heart of city.

Q Matheson: do you need another Saxon Field?

A: We have strength of concept.

Q: Best location?

A: Don’t know what sites are availability, because some already have tenants or owners.

Q Copeland: why not Sport Tasman?

Q Barker: facility at Rabbit island?

A: It is an option, but rowers say it’s an insurmountable problems for flat-water rowing.

NZ Motel Association – John Gilbertson - concentrate on inequity in rating system.   Holiday homes, B&Bs operating under different rates, if they are in the accommodation business we should all be under the same rating schedule. And access facilities, etc. Need consistent rules. For every 1 transaction in motels there are 20 in other industries (shops, attractions).

Q Ward: how many?

A: 40 members, 5 not in Nelson city.

Barry Thompson – inner city property strategy. Parking, you have henchmen collecting tickets. Publicity is bad. Lee valley Dam – it has economic effects; need to support the dam for the region.

Trafalgar Centre earthquake plan – you’ve made some mistakes. Southern Link – needs something better.

Q Barker? Are you in the chamber of Commerce?

A: I was a founding member

Q Noonan: car park building?

A: Joint venture a good idea.

Q Lawrey: develop housing in CBD?

A: No.

Suzi Campbell – traffic in Dodson Valley. Too much speed around the children. I’m new to the area and I’ve been shocked at what I’ve heard and seen. Shops, bus stop, cycle way, schools, no where safe to cross the road. 2 accidents in 3 years. Speed needs to be addressed and access across the street. Funding is available for minor improvements. Move bus stop for children. 1500 people in Atawhai Crescent. Worse between 8-9am with speed in excess of 50k. 50 more houses are being built, big trucks. Ultra-fast broadband work is starting soon. Need safe places to cross. 40k around kindy and preschool. Use street beatification for calming effect. New speed readers to remind people of their speed.

Q McGurk: change route?

A: Been discussed but nothing has changed

Q Coopland: ideas for roading?

A: Refuges in the middle. It’s an unusual set up on a highway with residential shops and kids.

Nelson Society of Modellers Inc – Alan Malaquin, Pond – remedy the filth ad unsightly condition. It’s in the plan already, implement at earliest convenience. We get negative public comment. Community wants their pond back. Efforts and work over last spring and summer, made the summer better. Need clean water to pond. Reinstatement of windmill. Hard bottom would be good, 600mm clean and clear water, need a system controlling inward sea water. Build an efficient management system we can maintain. Hard bottom is complex issue but would allow draining and cleaning. Could control weed growth but not algae. Concrete half of it. Hard clay for firm base also an option at less cost. Fish to control weed. Sources of water, capturing king tides. Top up water from flood water and car park drainage.

We were against loosing pond area, maybe have rock wall and filled in area for traction engines. Let’s get this mess out of the way.

Q Barker: have you read Addo Mulders windmill suggestions?

A: We’ve only had brief telephone conversations.

Q Fulton: asthenic look of pond?

A: Area filled in behind building

A Matheson: What is sorbing? People are inside big plastic balls walking on water.

Q: is there more algae on one side?

A: Yes, it depends on wind

Q Lawrey: What do you know about the fish experiment?

A: Don’t know much, only what we read.

Q McGurk: membership?

A: 50 members and fmily groups in Nelson. Every Sunday, public holiday, and other special events.

Errol Millar – Nelson Greypower Assn – Geenmeadows. Pleased council is moving on this. Air quality – Neville spoke to you on Thursday. It’s bad when one side of street can have fire and other side not. Bail outs - don’t make a habit. Trafalgar Centre - public will realize you have a process. Brook camp - Voices article was excellent. Sports facilities – Trafalgar Park should not be in mothballs 6 months a year. Rates - Only 0.4% rate rise in Invercargill. Sharpen the pencils! Footpaths and mobility scooters - Make sure they are in good condition. We have a good relationship with the Mayor; Better than fighting on the front page of the paper like 3-4 years ago.

Q Barker: enhance Stoke?

A: we have 10,000 members, do you have money to spend in Stoke? ½ our members live in stoke. More involvement would be good.

Q Lawrey: Southern Link?

A: Elderly populations need to get around on route and priority must be health and well-being. I don’t think we have a traffic problem… only trucks.

It’s a pleasure to be here for a change.

Geoff and Kay Gudsell (Scheduled earlier) – I’m here to put a face to submission. 4 years rates are most unfair.

Q Skinner: B&B with 3 rooms? Rates increase by 64%

Addo Mulders – Modellers Pond. I 100% support the modellers pond. Now a disgrace. Pumping station dumps into pond it’s water quality is dubious. Alternative installation of 2 windmills for continuous movement of water. 23k to buy installation for 15k. Much less than 500k. And it would look interesting. Supplier would offer 3 years free maintenance. Walkway around airport. Was withdrawn. Two councils should work together with a connection to Queenstown. Another airline would create completion. Extend runway toward Richmond, not toward the golf course and residential area. Basin Reserve – safe crossing by rocks road. Needs pedestrian refuge.

Aly Cook – Aly Cook Marketing, Big top tent. no outlay, you would make money. Safety – would get professional people to put it up under contract. Sound. Sydney symphony orchestra uses one all the time, no problem. Would pull events and people, Air New Zealand is on board for reducing rates for events.

Q Lawrey: why not private sector?

A: It’s a community facility

Q McGurk: Do you think the Trafalgar Centre has to close?

A: Not really holding things TC can’t hold, this is for larger shows. You could even get WOW back to put on a show.

Nelson Province of Federated Farmers – Michael Bennett, Cable Bay Farm. Higher rates paid by farmers in the city boundary. High land value compared to what it produces. Especially on the coast, like Cabal Bay. Restricted as to what they can do being on the coast. Shift from land to property. TDC taking on a big project to overhall.

Flood water/stormwater. Changes in the way land is used. Especially around Wakapuaka Flats. There’s an on-going issue with culverts. Cable Bay Road - We have been patient. It has cost us in our business.                                                            

Q McGurk: should there be targeted rates for flooding?

A: Farmers support targeted rates.


Graham Dicks – Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd – Developer of 900 sections to be developed in stages. I Want to meet with 5 councillors and 5 developers on an ongoing schedule to discuss the submission. To speed up development plans and resource consents. Minimise risk. Defer levies until properties sold. Provision of more affordable housing.   Council’s approach should be red carpet and not red tape.

Q Ward: is there a diversity of homes in the area?

A: That’s just one of the problems to discuss

Q Lawrey: What about people living in CBD?

A: Issues you have are around timing, you are behind with the rules.

Nelson Surf Life Saving Club Inc – Ed Steenbergen – similar to last year. 100 members, coach and train, competition. 24 hour marine rescue. Beach ambassadors. Surf boat races. Big competition in 2017. Want more permanent presence on the beach.

Q Lawrey: connections to architects?

A: Part of our jewel, just a cut and paste so you can give us approval. Architectural completion.

Q Matheson: safety?

A: Road bad, need to be on the sand side.


Saxon Valdrome Trust – Rob Ford – thank you for rolling over the funds. Update. Delayed because of power lines. Up to design brief stage. We’ve raised over our 20%. Taranaki have released their plans and we’re checking to see what we can do better. Maintenance on Saxton is only mowing lawns now.

Q Rainey: Tasman has taken lead?

A: TDC has also rolled over funding.

Q Matheson: You have to raise 300K?

A: we’ve raised 400K

Q Lawrey: future demand?

A: The new in-thing is bikes and they start at 5 years old because there is no traffic. Parents don’t want to put kids on roads.

Q Davey: is there access off Main Rd Stoke?

A: There is a Loop road off entrance at freezing works, and Garin College

Q McGerk: competition?

A: Yes, internationally as well. Here in Canterbury and Taranaki.

Mountain Biking - Paul – late submission, category 7 – big happy family. Thank you for your support. Bikes, sales, growing group. Tracks need to be of standard, grades from 1-6. Gap for grade 2-3 - like Kaiteriteri. We need to try to replicate these for wider variety, for members or not. Forestry is helping, we have a strong membership. Nelmac is building tracks, good, no conflict. We can develop more community focus. Still untapped areas. In cycle forum – big group, pulling together. Coggers trail - Built from an existing trail in central city. Working closely with this group. They all want access to all trails, so we reduce any conflict.

Q Barker: it’s less than harmonious between walkers and cyclists?

A: We’re going to work more closely with walking groups. Reality is sharing, with horses also. Just have to put more emphasis on sign posting.

Q Rainy: is this club biggest?

A: More focus on trails, there is slight splintering, but we’re bringing everyone back together. Lots of voluntary work, but not everyone helps.

Q: Cost?

A: Club can expect 600-800 members. Not a traditional sport, it’s solitary most of the time. Not all are engaged in club. The club looks after tracks, not individuals. Council helps from parks.

Q Skinner: Have you approached the Brook Community Group?

A: I have gone to a meeting. We can shift the trail up the Maitai to eliminate pressure on the community.

Graeme O’Brien – TPPA Nelson Action – just like last year. I want you to put in a video when you debate. I’ve got a job and couldn’t come to council debates; couldn’t get time off. I read the minutes or the newspaper – but the paper is not accurate. We really want to see what goes on… we want to see the action. Rates increase debate. We want to see who said what. The Piles debate could have been on Funnies Home Videos. 2000 people agree – they voted for me that this is my only platform. It would help transparency if we can watch. It would make you more accessible. Even a funeral has closed circuit TV for out-of-towners.

Q Lawrey: who’s going to watch it?

A: Have you asked anyone?

Q Barker: is this in your submission?

A: Yes

Q Rainey: live feed?

A: No, it has to be on a website because I work.

Q Reese: We have a regular blogger. Angus McNeil. Check with him.

Derek Shaw – Nelson Tasman Cycle Forum – a growing sector. Across the two councils. Working party achieving vision statement. The interested stake holders, we’re bring them together. Council has helped over the years. We encourage you to continue your support. So we have submitted a brief outline of the work we do. 4 areas, physical, events, etc., to both councils. Reviewed annually.

Q Lawrey: Do you think there should be lighting on railway reserve?

A: Yes. Bike lights are not good enough. Need to encourage cycling all year round and early morning on the way to work. Beetson Rd needs some work done, going to next year.

Q Copeland: how long has the Cycle Forum been going?

A: It was initianted in October.

Q: A forum of council?

A: We haven’t considered it, we’re at arm’s length, but have council members who come. So, not at the moment, right now we’re voluntary, council forum is not critical.

Q Noonan: sharing with walkers? Women are more vulnerable and aware of their safety.

Q: Is there a way to signal people? That’s tricky, if you sound a warning you never know which way they will go. Some people don’t like the bells and noise. People have to learn to share, it’s a moving barrier, we have to get message out.

Q McGurk: growth?

A: hard to extrapolate. People would ride if conditions were safer. 60% surveyed still afraid to ride on streets. A bigger group will ride off the road.

Q Reese: forum’s role?

A: We see ourselves as complimenting the other groups. Trying to integrate the other groups. Some staff members are members in attendance.

Chris Allison and John Paul – Bicycle Nelson – fantastic so far from council. The big picture: Cycling, walking, driving, parking are a connected whole. We all do all these things. Integrated: if you ride to school you are off the road with a car. Cycling strategy should be a Transport Strategy to see the whole. Look at all issues to see impact on other areas. Long term outcomes. All want better things, so need strategy.

Q Ward: is Nelson 2060 part of it?

A: We’re only looking at transport as part of it. But yes, it’s more than transport, but transport can be the solution to a better city.

Q Copeland: who is responsible for integration?

A: It’s Council’s area of responsibly with community input. Like user conflict. Strategy is out of date and needs to be updated.

Q Barker: community no, but recreation yes, but also car sales are up. We need a balanced look?

A: Motorists are catered for.

Q Lawrey: 41% of councillors cycle to work. 58% recreate.

A: Good

Nigel Muir - Sports Tasman – thanks for all you do. 8 out of 10 families recreate. Multi use turf still has a use. At Saxon or elsewhere. Sports House, mention again. The gym was unused at Saxon for 4 years. Money has been removed. Sport Tasman is raising money to use this. Need an Aquatic facility at Port Nelson, it’s an increasing issue for boaties. Importance to have clear and strategic plan

Q Skinner: soccer?

A: Anything, it’s multi turf; shut down during week for recovery for weekend games

Q Rainey: running cost of Sport House?

A: Rental to NCC is 55k. User pays some, but users are different, some can’t afford higher rate.

Q Copeland: has the gym proposal gone to council?

A: No we’re working behind the scenes.

Q Reese: undertake financial health check for codes?

A: Yes, 3 of them are building code and clubs. Also ODT for circuit and rugby.

David Smyth – multiple submissions – land development. Subdivision. Rocks Rd walkway needs pedestrian access across road. Need 3 sites with over bridge column with outside stairs and hydraulic lift in the middle. Electricity is available. There are solutions and would be a great overview of bay. Maitai River – a weir above Stillwater Creek would collect debris. In flood there is a problem but not impossible, but long term feature that would enhance the city. Need a stormwater drain at Fifeshire Crescent, it’s damaged and needs replacement. It’s damaging the road. Why has nothing been done in 3 years?

Reese: I will give you time with the Works and Infrastructure Committee

Wakatu Incorporated – Iain Sheves – you have supported us and hope you continue to support the settlement act, and Maori education for staff training in this area. Historical panels are good. Rates relief on Maori freehold land that is culturally important. Marae community is a resource; allow for maintenance. Auckland Point Pa walking track needs to be repaired.

Q Reese: have you seen the report?

A: It’s a recommendation to meet obligations

Q Barker: What’s the joint interest in land under public works act?

A: Stormwater and flood protection at Saxon creek, TDC is also helping. Infrastructure – alterior traffic study needs to have a firm way forward. Lee valley dam – we support. Nelson is service centre for Tasman District, so both need to get involved.

Q Matheson: brief snapshot of role?

A: Establish in 1977 families of local iwi to pool all of their land so it could be managed.

Q: Do you qualify for rates relief?

A: Not attached for entity, but land use – i.e. non economic

Q: Support for marae?

A: Yes, just about importance.

Q: Property assets review?

A: MOU – land and future management.

Q Lawrey: guardian for the environment? Problem with lee valley dam?

A: Waiting to see what is identified and quantified. Not good or bad at this time.

Tea Break

Victory Community Health – Doug Craig – represent many different ethnic people. The idea of citizen involvement and democracy. Social well-being – this year council is involved in revision and want to offer help. Want to see increased emphasis on sustainability. Alcohol – opposed licencing within community. Police, ambulance, members in our community are all aware of alcohol problems. Want to see it is consulted on widely.

Q Lawrey: we have power to deal with density.

A: We would like to be in consultation.

Reese: There is a different submission in progress

Q Copeland: security?

A: We are joint partners with the environment centre.

Q Ward: We have stake in consultation and want to assist.

Q Skinner: woodburners?

A: part of the social well-being is sort of being involved with wood burners, but would like to see people using the latest technology. In the end they need a warm house.

Friends of Nelson Haven – Doug Craig – we want to give out more bouquets this year. Stormwater and wastewater has been very heartening, work staff has had consultation, and listened to our suggestions. Concerned with 2060 and want to see it has emphasis on Maitai and consulting with Friends of Maitai; cleaning it up would improve the water quality of the water coming into haven.

We support biodiversity forum – looking forward to next phase.

Bio-security of coastal environment with shipping coming in haven and marina. Keep abreast of marine pests that have come in on ships, invasive pests. Methyl bromide – port is council company. Health and safety is your responsibility. Methyl Bromide is not on your website; it is ozone depleting, and colourless. You need to grasp the issue and phase out and replace.

Q McGurk: Wakapuaka mudflats?

A: Upper part of Haven is reclamation, return to natural state, fix culverts so reverts to protected wetland.

Zachary Domike – Permaculture Design – stormwater stored on new buildings, cost born by developers. Cycling on rocks road esplanade – the chain is only historic because it is out of date and dangerous. Barbs were put in to keep children from playing with them. It’s not that valuable.

Q Noonan: rainwater capture, suggestions for smaller home?

A: We’re now dealing with hard roofs and flat surfaces. Wastewater - use of grey water would be helpful.

Q Copeland: what % is on roofs as opposed to the streets of town?

A: 30%, the damaging to the haven is the perfume and colors in detergent. People can use soap, can be used for irrigation, not into the haven.

Friends of the Maitai – Jacquetta Bell – formed twice before, when river is in trouble. Prioritise the Maitai In budget. Urgency action needed. We look forward to working with you. Water need to be cared for from the mountain to the sea. It’s our collective responsibility. A river toxic to dogs is unacceptable.   The residents wanted to take better care of river, and had solutions. We are keen to work alongside council, some will be easy and some will require frank dialog.

Q Rainy: considered joining forum?

A: We’re trying to keep it simple and only we’ve joined the Environment Centre.

Jackie McNae – Staig & Smith for Adcock Properties – raising flags to broad issues. You are taking money before sales have been completed. It would help cashflow, if we did not have to pay IF is being made, but when being made.

Q Ward: what size is the project?

A: Smaller houses, people who aredown sizing, empty nest is increasing this population.

Q Copelnd: what was shelved?

A: Toi Toi up to Princes Drive.

Paul Anderson – Rutherford Street & Waimea Rd Businesses & Residents Society, Inc – report said only 3 businesses, but hotels were not mentioned so the document is incorrect, and the hospital and surgeries, so there is employment and growth. Roading – traffic is gridlocked when rocks road is closed. Not a heavy use road, just a transfer of costs, it doesn’t work. Road, footpath, cycleway do not comply with rules. We have had lower traffic growth. Things come in cycles, numbers will spike with economy. Roads should be built around commerce.

Q Lawrey: Motueka St lights, taxi drivers love them?

A: Spoken to residents and they are not overly impressed. Now there are 13 extra safety hazards. Doesn’t work at peak.

Q Barker: Rocks Rd?

A: Vanguard is taking traffic off rocks road

Q McGurk: shops?

A: Road parking is highly essential. Business provide off street parking.

Q Ackland: traffic off rocks road?

A: These are numbers I got from your plan

Gaire Thompson – Live Nelson - is a waste of money. Things can go out with rate demands. Brook Camp - was making profit, why is it loosing now. Lease it off. Tourist – they need to earn their keep. Sanctuary – only needs track around the edge, not a fence. Can gobble up thousands.

Log burners – put more speed on that. They are sensible if using dry wood. When power goes off all others don’t work. Modellers pond – storm water discharge into it. Use salt water to kill off algae.

Trafalgar Centre – piles have been proven, which didn’t have to be proven. This has been a disaster. 500k fixed Cal stadium in Christchurch. This has been poorly investigated. Chch City Council has been very cooperated. Kerry Neal and I get a letter saying to back off because we’re confusing people. Wellington and Chch opened buildings with a notice on front and they actually have earthquakes.

Susie Lees – GE Aware Nelson, food. Nelson declared itself GE Free in 2002. Good seeds are owned by corporates, cost up, organic properties are being contaminated. Chemical use is up not down. Things are now Roundup resistant. We have to go back to traditional methods of farming. Animal deaths from eating crops. GF is linked to sickness, cancer, etc. autoimmune. Roundup was in 60% of urine tested, causing male infertility. There is no cost in putting in policy. Roundup is being banned around the world. Alzhimers, autism. Proven in the environmental court.

Q Copeland: can you provide wording to council?

A: Yes. Hastings and Northland are in the throws of doing the same through council.

Q Barker: – what are the sources of graphs?

A: Data I’ve collected, I’ll get back.

Nelson Residents Association / Mike Rodwell & Pam Frahm – (Mike) Just attended a Men’s Shed meeting with 50 interested people and it had 20 women. Salvation Army is saving tools for us. Could be a great success. Pam, our VP, has been in Nelson over 40 years. I think our submission is pretty clear, are there any questions.

Q Rainey: You have a lot in this submission, can you say all your members agree?

A (Pam): Every item was voted on unanimously. If there is a disagreement among those at the meeting we leave it out and ask them to make a private submission.

Q Rainey: why do you think Theatre Royal should be demolished?

A (Pam): We all agreed with the content (of the submission). Ken who was the author of the paper took a fall and is not here to speak to it.

(Mike): I like the Theatre Royal, it is an excellent community facility and the oldest wooden theatre still working.

Q Lawrey: how many members?

A (Mike): 130 paid up.

Ben Dunbar-Smith - EECA Insulation – insulate before you build. VTR, some councils are using it for clean heating as well as insulation. Other cities give grants to pay for it on rates. Solar hot water didn’t work well, but is now running through other councils. General income and low income. Need more subsidy, especially for those with under 16 or over 65, pay off rates. People who own their homes mortgage free are asset rich and cash poor, they can’t afford it and aren’t interested, only 30% have mortgages.

Q Ackland: what about logburners?

A: If they were to convert, it can and would cost much. Councils can add anything to their rebate policy, like ventilation in kitchen

Q Copeland: auditing?

A: Not back to solar hot water, we’re moving to user pays.


C. I. St. Johanser - Brook Valley Community Group. Guided meditation journey / Mental visual experiment - Be sober in your decisions knowing there will be other weather events. Cutting trees for the fence will cause wind tunnels, then because of felled the unprotected trees will fall on their neighbours. They will fall on the fence.

Ross Wylie – time has passed since I wrote the submission and I have learned more. Want to add some on the sanctuary fence. We’re likely have a 6.4-7.5 earthquake in the future. The fence will be crushed with any slips on that kind of land which has scars from a bull dozer. Trafalgar Centre – what does “earthquake prone” on the TC means? What does this mean in legislation written in 2013? Waimea/Flaxmore fault is on the edge of CBD. What would be different if the building was built today? What is safer, being in this room in Civic House or in TC. Cal stadium survived the Christchurch earthquake.

David Frost – Pond – restoration is paramount to the area.

Q Davey: should it be fixed or rebuilt?

A: Made operational with clear water. Landscaping would be great and we could maintain.

Q: Jetties?

A: we have 4 already.

Q Acland: other options for your group to go?

A: Need enclosed water. Not the sea,

Q: train use?

A: They go together, see the boats in view with the trains.

Q Skinner: What would happen if it was filled in?

A: that would kill the hobby, there is nowhere else to go, our pond is one of the best in the country.

Q McGurk: dollar value?

A: I’m not qualified to answer. 1.2m has been mentioned.

Q Fulton: what about the fish solution?

A: I’m not qualified. As long as they leave the boats alone. ;-) Outflow pipes have not done any good, stimulates weed growth.

Q Rainey: could you move?

A: the society is the train and boats, it has to be here.

Cathy Madigan – Uniquely Nelson – late submission – about the on-going cost of Wi-Fi. In the process. Proposal is future proof, but will be more expensive than the initial figures. End user will only get 1 hour limit. It will serve unlimited people, pay a flat rate.

Q Rainey: 14 access point?

A: Intention is to be used for emails, Skyping, UTube, not downloading movies. 18k a year for 2 year contract.

Q Skinner: how is the figure different?

A: Different company, this is per gig. Old model is blowing out.

Q Fulton: Sydney?

A: Haven’t looked overseas, they have different companies.

Q Barker: you have a site by library?

A: Potentially it could stop free access at library. Free up computers.

David Atoa - Youth and Community Trust – drug free events for youth. Glad to see work is coming to Stoke. Need another youth centre in central Nelson. Would like another hub and have some ideas. They need to be active, positive, educated. The Truck – gives them positive role models. Youth transition – housing. Nelson Underage – youth events, no smokes or drugs, even fizzy drinks are out. Brood at Theatre Royal.

Q Reese: no sugary drinks?

A: We would like to be in discussion.

Q: Free wifi?

A: We would like to participate, the kids are into technology. Any services are good. Mental health, Q: problems with depression?

A: And self-confidence. Need to show them positive ways

Q Fulton: your shows are sold out, what’s the difference?

A: We are learning a lot and working in partnership, need young people driving it.

Q: New facility?

A: Key people have been through that.


A: they might have a site

Q Skinner: black out dance party?

A: held at St. John

Q: Wifi?

A: limit or they will use it all day.

A Copeland: truck?

A: Continual good ideas, still working it out, updated and out in public 5 days a week.

Q: Partnership?

A: we get food and nutrition, apples from ENZA. St. Barnabas has peer projects, safety in numbers

Q Rainey: hub?

A: Want something similar, 40k for hub

Nelson Tasman Tourism – Lynda Keene – appreciative to your help and support. We have TDC funding for 2015 year and then it will end. Just had workshop in TDC for 2 hours, we were encouraged by feeling.

Cricket World Cup – working behind the scenes. Cruises - had 2 in 2012 had 3 in 2013. Have 9 for 2014-5.

Q Matheson: do you think TDC might change their mind?

A: It was good to get our information across. There is an element of nervousness from private sector if TDC drops out. Some business rely on the local publicity only. Tourism NZ only gets them to the country.

Q Barker: effect of free wifi?

A: I-Sites are important for local delivery. We can add value to what they have booked overseas. A progressive city means free wifi, but with limits.

Q Lawrey: what feedback?

A: Tasman is worried.

Trafalgar Park Sports & Recreation Group – Barry Rowe – late – central city not well served for large events. 11 sporting groups and thinking of a multi building based around Rutherford Park. Grandstand need to be replaced. Close Trafalgar Centre, we want to now see a sporting facility at Rutherford Park need a feasibility study and fund raising – use eastern grandstand as footprint, think bigger making it an events precinct. This could promote a fitness facilities and social facilities for active and passive sports, bar, etc. will enhance city. There is a miss match of old buildings. Missing out on development. No one wants to improve a building on leased land. Not all for rugby, but total community facility. It can offer opportunities for international events. Trafalgar Park is sub-standard, this is the best use of the park. Complex to hold all sporting bodies.

Q Copland: shared bar?

A: Yes

Q: feasibility study?

A: No figures, still at concept stage. This group can grow much bigger. 80% council.  

Q Rainey: sites?

A: Using both sites, it would change considerably.

Q Skinner: 8k membership?

A: Participants, and groups with no faculties want to join in. In temporary buildings or hold leases.

Q Reese: Nelson rugby?

A: They are on the fringe, may or may not be in the group.

Richard Oswald – greenXchange Limited – late – The Green Exchange is 2 years old. Environmental technology; projects in algae, software platform, aquaponics, clean tech, life sciences, fracking water clean. Regional economic growth around solar tech. We’re lambasted the council. Read submission.

Q Matheson: we are advised on who to engage with?

A: You have a process, but we have information

Q Barker: wide range of activities?

A: 4 full time, 9 consultants, 2 admin. We’re above Noel Leeming.

Community Workers Training & Support – Kindra – has legal status as charity trust. Community and Whanu network is community assistance. We don’t feel it’s being processed in a coherent way. Need a more robust process that fits with yours.

Q Ward: help us prioritise?

A: Staff works on it and slots us in where they want too, but doesn’t fit with criteria. Been unsuccessful and I don’t know why. We do it on the strength of what we hear.

Q Noonan: would you work with us?

A: Yes absolutely

Q Fulton: solution? Do you want it like the arts fund? To another body to distribute?

A: Other places have representatives. The process failed

Q Barker: where have you been the most successful?

A: it’s about the process not the money.

Q Copeland: combined committee?

A: Staff came back to us after the fact. Showed the systemic failure of process.

Q Acland: better to receive it and get on with it?

A: Process is not objective as spreadsheet. Action plan be undertaken, social wellbeing.

Q Reese: ministry of justice money?

A: Money came after the process.

Nelson Cycle Trails Trust - Derek Shaw speaking for Gillian Wratt – great taste trail could be as big as the Otago Rail Trail. Community benefits, and financial benefits. Regional cycling forum with 20 groups integrated, making it a cycle mecca.

Q Copland: TDC?

A: A couple million. 600k in next plan. 2M in long term plan.

Q: Looking for council to adopt strategy?

A: That would be good.

Q: Good website?

A: Proposal to upgrade now.

Q Barker: Mapua to Kaiteriteri?

A: Mostly off road, 4WD track

Q Ward: $ from private sector?

A: Not much, moderate

Hugh – tourist operator. Strategic approach to plan. Property portfolio to develop properties, Heart of Nelson. Need city development strategy. Individual plans but not for city wide. Trafalgar Centre – opposed to continued development. Against upgrade and cost more than planned. Convention centre debarkle. Don’t spend more on TC. Develop Saxon Field, should have it designed to take over from TC as home of the Giants. Modellers pond a waste of money, can smell it from the road. Find something more attractive. Tourism Nelson - Tasman needs to have a reasonable input when most the activity is actually IN Tasman! Resource Management plan – get strategy up and running.

Colleen Simco – cat 6 page 121 #63 – Late submission - artist who donated glass to Buxton car park. Natural beauty around nelson, needs attractive buildings. Loo is now enjoyable. Needs one more mural and some landscaping. Needs to be finished like a house with trim. Only need $1700 to complete work.

Carolyn Hughes – Nelson Environment Centre. Food security. Safe acceptable food with increased resilience. Healthy food choices can be expensive. Need to support a food chain, growing more community food, fresh local produce, compost in schools, fruit and nut trees in public places. 40k for the next 3 years. Eco events established and new initiatives.

Q Copeland: other organizations stocktaking?

A: None which are tasked, some small holdings in Motueka

Q Fulton: funding?

A: 290k over 3 years will include salaries.

Q Matheson: why more money?

A: For studies to be financed.